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ditching this handle and leaving this place behind.

it was a good run.

Track: Slow Down v2
Artist: Baby Buck and the Jazzy Does!
Album: Dashing Through the Snow
Plays: 30

This is my creative project for music theory.

Enjoy friends,

-love b




This girl in the bar, she tells me:

"This always seems to happen to me

How the hell’d I end up here?

I shoulda barred the doors

And maybe planed it out better, better

Trying to be the good guy

Oh, I’m taking off!

I’m too young

Lord, bless my heart!”

Whoa, love, slow down.

Track: Venison Waltz
Artist: Baby Buck and the Jazzy Does!
Album: Dashing Through the Snow
Plays: 40

A snazzy rawky romp with Baby Buck and the Jazzy Does!

It’s incomplete right now but we’ll add some extra sass soon. Hope you like this short little demo of a diddy :)

-love b

Favorite kinda dinner is breakfast for dinner :)

Track: Flume / Bon Iver cover
Artist: Umbreon
Album: Tropical Cat
Plays: 140

This is my cover of Bon Iver’s debut opener, Flume.

Track: Take Off! demo 2
Artist: Han Guitar Solo
Album: Miles/Hours
Plays: 70

I recorded this little demo a month or two or three ago and change in my spaceship. Forgot I wrote it! I get so busy with the alien hunting.

I hope you like it geighs and galyz <3

Track: Reborn
Artist: A trip to the Frelinghuysen Arboretum
Album: Will you marry me, Shianne?
Plays: 119

A song I wrote today!


I wanna be reborn

In my mother’s arms

I walk without alarm,

I’m in love with the evening sun


Love, I’m gonna do everything I can!

I spent it all on those good days

And with a cigarette I make them stay

I’ll turn around

Playing at Habitat for Humanity Buildathon!

It’s a cover of Last Nite by The Strokes

The gang plays at the coffeehouse 9-20-13

It’s a cover of Dawned on Me by Wilco, if you didn’t hear lol

Track: Take Off (demo1)
Artist: And ghosts did shriek and squeal about the streets
Album: Amourissima
Plays: 100

Another demo of a new song, “Take Off”


I can’t help myself

I wanna go home

and never come back here

I can’t love, not anymore 

not here, not for anyone

I wish you had never come back at all

Simple as that